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Zh.K. Strelbishte Bl.10A

Sofia 1404


Phone: +359 888801106


Over fifteen years' experience in the food industry.


Supplying commercial quantities of Bulgarian grown coriander seeds

We do cleaning, sieving, stoning, sterilizing, and grinding.

All produced under quality systems.

Quality Assurance  

Quality Control (specifications, labeling requirements, microbiology etc.)

Custom Packing

Supply chain management

Customer Service

Best Practice.


European Union markets

Food-processing industry demands large quantities of spices and herbs for the

production of food products. Food processors purchase their raw materials from

grinders/processors or from traders.

In CORIANTRO Ltd. cases you are purchasing directly from close to the source producer.

Specializing in EU requirements.  

Direct sales to purchasing units of retailers, the catering sector and food processors are rare, but might increase due to expanding Fair Trade sales by conventional players.


14-Day Money-Back


14-Day Money-Back

Guarantee for each product