Terms and Conditions

General Sales Terms and Delivery Conditions of Coriantro, Ltd.



In these General Sales Terms and Delivery Conditions the following terms shall be given the following meanings:

"Buyers": the person or company to whom Coriantro delivers goods and/or to whom Coriantro provides services or have agreed on this with Coriantro, as well as the person or company that has given Coriantro an order;

"Terms and Conditions": these General Sales Terms and Delivery Conditions of Coriantro, Ltd.

"Coriantro/the Company": Coriantro, Ltd and/or affiliated entities;

"Agreement": any and all agreements between Coriantro and the Buyers relating to the purchase of goods and/or the take-up of services by the Buyers from Coriantro, as well as any other order that the Buyers give to Coriantro, as well as any and all normal acts relating to this; the term Agreement shall also be taken to mean a framework agreement for the purchase of goods and/or the take-up of services, whereby any part-delivery arising from the framework agreement must also count expressly as a (separate) Agreement.



We only sell on the basis of our General Sales Terms and Delivery Conditions.

Departure from and/or supplements to the General Sales Terms and Delivery Conditions can only be agreed upon expressly and in writing.


Coriantro shall at all times be entitled to unilaterally amend or supplement the General Sales Terms and Delivery Conditions. The amendments and/or supplements shall be binding on the Buyer from the moment that the Buyer is notified of these amendments and/or supplements in writing.


We expressly object to general terms and conditions of trade and purchase of Buyer. They shall only obligate us when we have agreed to them expressly in writing.


Buyers' conditions that are in conflict with or which deviate from our General Sales Terms and Delivery Conditions do not become part of the contract, even if we do not oppose explicitly.



 All (price) quotations and offers from Coriantro shall always be without obligation and can be revoked or amended by Coriantro at all times.

Coriantro reserve the right to cancel any order and to decline the acceptance of any order. Item availability and prices are subject to change at any time, without notice.


The Agreement shall only come into effect once Coriantro has confirmed an order or instruction from the Buyer in writing, or if Coriantro has commenced the execution thereof.



The prices quoted by Coriantro are ex works, including packaging. Value Added Tax is not included in our prices.

Once you make your selection, shipping will be added automatically to your order at checkout.


Ordering and documents

By completing and submitting the electronic order form Buyers are making an offer to purchase goods which, if accepted by Coriantro, will result in a binding contract. Only when Coriantro review and accept Buyers' order, Coriantro will dispatch the purchased items.

Emailed receipt of an order confirmation signifies that Coriantro have been notified of Buyers' offer to purchase the selected items. It does not signify  acceptance of Buyers' order, nor does it constitute confirmation of Coriantro offer to sell unless Coriantro accept the order and dispatch the items.

With respect to the accuracy of the order the Buyers are responsible to insure that any necessary information with regard to the ordered goods is sent to Coriantro within a reasonable time, so that the order can be carried out in accordance with the contract.


All sales terms, sales documents, specifications and price-lists are to be treated in strict confidence and may not be made accessible to third parties.


Payment terms

Unless otherwise agreed, the company invoices shall be due within 5 days after billing and with no discounts applied. 

Complaints about the invoice shall be conveyed immediately in writing or otherwise the invoice shall be deemed as accepted.

Shipment will take place without delay as soon as Coriantro receives the payment. A payment shall be considered effected when the Company can dispose of the amount.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment shall be made in Euro by bank transfer or by PayPal into an account to be nominated by Coriantro. Additional charges incurred by Coriantro as a result of payment by the Buyers in a currency other than Euro shall be borne by the Buyers.


Coriantro uses secure transaction payments provided and backed up by PayPal’s secure online payment systems. Buyers' payment details information are handled by PayPal and not provided to anyone else (not even to Coriantro) so there is no chance of your information being accessed by anyone during the process. PayPal encrypts all personal and financial information. All transactions are guaranteed safe and secured.


Delivery time and delivery, transfer of risk


Unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing, goods shall be delivered by Coriantro “ex works”, as set out in the Incoterms 2010 or at any rate the most recent version of the Incoterms at the time of signing the Contract.


The Company shall arrange the transport of the goods on behalf of the Buyers. The means of transport, dispatch, packaging etc. shall be done as provided for by the Contract.


Transfer of risk shall take place when Coriantro presents the goods for delivery in accordance with the Contract.


If the Buyer fails to take delivery of goods that have been presented for delivery in accordance with the Contract (or if the Buyer fails to do so on time), for whatever reason, all costs incurred in vain by Coriantro, in connection with the presentation for delivery of the goods, plus (if any) additional costs of carriage, safekeeping and storage, shall be borne by the Buyers.


In all cases, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing, the moment that the goods are presented for transport, to be delivered to the Buyers, shall be considered as the time of delivery.


The Buyer is obliged to take delivery. The Buyers may not refuse acceptance of the delivery due to insignificant defects. The agreed quantities are approximate quantities which entitle the Company  to provide services of up to 10% below and above the quantity. The weight at dispatch shall be decisive.


Coriantro reserves the right to make partial deliveries and any additional costs arising from such shall be borne by the Company.

Insofar as the Buyers demand it Coriantro will cover the delivery with transport insurance. The Buyers shall bear the costs arising from this.


Any dates and deadlines indicated by the Company shall not be binding unless expressly agreed otherwise. If the delivery time is exceeded this shall therefore not constitute a default on the part of Coriantro and can thus not lead to an obligation to pay damages on the part of Coriantro. The Agreement cannot be dissolved on account of the delivery time being exceeded, unless Coriantro fails to deliver - after the expiry of the delivery period - within a reasonable time period, as notified by the Buyers in writing. A reasonable time period within the meaning of the previous sentence shall be one (1) month.





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14-Day Money-Back

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